Top Victoria Excursions on Norwegian Cruise Line

Located on Vancouver Island is Victoria, a charming city overflowing with scenic locations, historic sites, shopping districts, and a whole slew of fun-filled adventures. Offering travelers varieties of shore excursions to choose from is Norwegian Cruise Ship, sailing vacationers hailing from different parts of the world.

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The Most Popular Excursions in Victoria, British Columbia

1. Butchart& Butterfly Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is a 12-acre site, featuring tons of beautiful flowers, unusual trees, winding paths, and streaming fountains. What is more, visitors will see the colorful butterflies in hundreds and thousands, a sight they’ve never witnessed before. It is also home to several theme gardens such as the Italian Garden, Sunken Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Japanese Garden.


2. Ocean Wildlife & Orca Exploration

The Puget Sound, the Gulf Islands, and the San Juan in Victoria is home to some of the ocean’s most fascinating ocean creatures such as orca pods, transient orcas, humpback whales, Minke, gray whales, and varieties of other sea creatures. Besides, visitors also have an opportunity to spot porpoises, Pacific dolphins, sea otters, Steller, California Sea lions, and others.

3. Explore Victoria on a walking tour

The city of Victoria is one of Canada’s most picturesque regions, and a walking tour gives visitors a lucky chance to capture some of the most beautiful locations. Enjoy a walking tour to the core of the town and come across tons of shopping centers, restaurants, nightclubs, and many more. Some of the city’s most popular sites are the Royal BC Museum, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, and the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

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What to Do In Maui on Norwegian Cruises

Maui is an artistic island in Maui country in Hawaii by the Central Pacific, and it is a popular holiday destination. Each year, thousands of people from every corner of the world flock in for vacations. And to the great delight of travelers, Norwegian Cruise Ship diligently sails holidaymakers to this exotic region.

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Below is a list of things cruisers should do when in Maui:

1. Whale Watching:

When in Maui, whale watching is something you cannot miss! The gigantic ocean of Maui is home to massive whales, and watching them move around the sea will leave you in awe.

2. Iao Valley & Maui Tropical Plantation:


If you want to witness Maui’s most beautiful natural beauty and locations, the Iao Valley & Maui Tropical Plantation are your haven. Drive to these sites and enjoy the wondrous natural sights!

3. Maui Ocean Center:

The Maui Ocean Center is one of the region’s most popular attractions, situated by the Ma’alaea Bay. This massive park accommodates thousands of colorful marine life and is worth visiting.

4. Maui Snorkel Cruise:

The sea of Maui serves as a perfect spot for snorkel, and it is a favorite activity of vacationers while in the area. The scenic islands off Maui and Lanai are the ideal locations and watch out for the mouthwatering buffet lunch later.

5. Outdoor Adventure Activities:

Maui also offers visitors plenty of outdoor adventure activities, and its spectacular landscapes add more drama to the already beauteous region. Some of such activities include submarine dive, helicopter tours, and hiking the breathtaking trails.

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High-Rated Things to Do in Havana on Norwegian Cruise Line

Havana is a city in Cuba, a country in the Caribbean, by the majestic sea with beautiful landscapes surrounding it. And to treat vacationers a heart-warming holiday experience, Norwegian Cruises deliberately invites you to join one of your favorite ships for a life-changing cruise voyage to Havana.

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Mentioned under are the high-rated things to do in Havana:


1.     Take a walking tour around Old Havana

One of the most popular activities among cruisers while stopping by Havana is enjoying a walking tour around Old Havana, La Habana Vieja. This famous downtown zone is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, with plenty of unique and charming cobblestoned streets and squares. Don’t forget to witness Plaza de San Francisco, famous for its Fountain of Lions, and check out Plaza Vieja with numerous bars, restaurants, and microbrewery.

2.     Explore the city riding in a classic car

Cuba is a synonym to 1950s classic cars, and a visit to Havana is incomplete without riding in one of these antiques. For a classic experience, hop on a pretty classic vehicle and ride towards some of the city’s most remarkable landmarks, including Central Havana, Vedado, Miramar, and several others.

3.     Visit the city’s historic forts

Parque Historico is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, a military complex consisting of two notable forts, Castillo del Morro and La Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña. It is located beyond Old Havana and is open to the public to explore. Apart from the forts, El Morro is a fascinating lighthouse built during the 16th Century and attracts a good number of visitors.

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Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy During a Cruise

Cruising is one of the best ways to travel the world from your busy schedules. Just like any travel adventure, cruises can come with a risk and it’s better to stay on the safer side, especially if you are someone who easily falls sick. Although cruises are totally safe, by making a few changes, you can beat the odds of falling sick and stay healthy and have a memorable time while on-board.

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Given below are some few tips to stay healthy while on a cruise:


  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator because a lot of people would opt for the elevator making it way too crowded.  Taking the stairs will not help you beat the crowd but also help improve your overall health and keeps a check on your weight.
  • Choose healthier food habits, skip over pizzas and burgers or anything greasy. Most cruise menus will have healthier options and you can add up some salads and greens to your diet.
  • Drink lots of water because water is the best medicine for overcoming any type of health issues.
  • Join the fitness center. Every cruise line has fitness centers like spas, yoga class or recreational activities that will allow you to focus on yourself.
  • Book for a trip or short excursions that allows you to explore nature at its best. You can for scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and many more when you choose to go on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.
  • Don’t miss the daily drill conducted on-board. Through the drill you can familiarise yourself with the safety tips and what all things can be done in case of emergency situations.

Have Fun in the City of Bahamas without Any Hassles

When you think of cruise to Bahamas the images that you get are sandy beaches, crystal clear water, etc. There are many things that The Bahamas has to offer not just the chance of basking in the sun. The port cities of Freeport and Nassau are a stepping stone to a variety of experiences starting from snorkeling to scuba diving etc. This blog contains top Bahamas shore excursions

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To get the feel of the cruise in the best possible way goes for Norwegian Cruises. It is an ideal cruise for all your travel experiences. Following is the list of activities that one can do in the ports of Bahamas.



Go for ATV adventure

 In Nassau ATV rides are popular and one can visit the cave a network of large limestone. Further, you can visit the Clifton Heritage National Park where the trail leads to the beach.

 Food and Cultural Tour

  The staple food of The Bahamas is Conch but there are various other delicacies like lobster, fish, Johnnycakes, etc. In order to get an authentic feel of the island, one must go for food and cultural tour. The shore excursion in The Bahamas takes passengers to family-owned restaurants.


Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

  Bahama island water is a beautiful place consisting of coral reef and marine life. It is an iconic place of snorkel and dive sites that is accessible with the boat ride. While doing this activity you can enjoy the view from the surface.


Lucayan National Park

 For a balance of relaxation and adventure don’t look beyond Lucayan National park. The shore excursion of Bahamas to this park includes kayaking, boardwalk, and relaxation on the beach.

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Enjoy the City of Norway with Princess Cruise without Hassles

When you think about cruising in Europe the first thing that comes to your mind is the Baltic region that consists of Norway. Cruising to Norway should not be overlooked. There are major cities in Norway by the name Oslo and Bergen. Norway’s small cities and villages stand for scenic beauty furthers it has the appeal of museums, foods and otherworldly things. Norway is known for cruising and the best time to cruise is between Junes to august

To have fun in the city of Norway travel with Norwegian Cruise. The cruise is always a unique experience for the first time or a regular cruiser. Further, it does not cause a hole in your wallet as tickets are reasonably priced

Enjoy Norwegian Cruises Lines solo or with family. The cruise is ideal for all your travel needs. You can celebrate your new year by traveling with this cruise. There are many ports in the city of Norway they are enlisted below.


Bergen, Norway

Bergen is rich in history and art further it is a homeport or port of call. One can travel to this port on foot or public transport. The attractions on this port include shops, museums and restaurants further you can climb Mt Floyen for scenic beauty.

Oslo, Norway

 One day is not enough to see the attractions in this port. One can visit the Noble Peace Center the place of achievement for various laureates. Also, visit the sculpture park and museum that focuses on historical ships.

Flam, Norway

 A tiny town nestled between Aurlandsfjord and snow-capped mountains. You can take a cruise around this area or take the Flam Railway. Further, you can hike, bike and kayak.

Geiringer, Norway

 One can travel to a small village of Geiringer which is five minutes away from the port. It is a perfect starting point for exploration. Take a water boat or kayak to view the waterfall or scenic beauty.

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