Have Fun in the City of Bahamas without Any Hassles

When you think of cruise to Bahamas the images that you get are sandy beaches, crystal clear water, etc. There are many things that The Bahamas has to offer not just the chance of basking in the sun. The port cities of Freeport and Nassau are a stepping stone to a variety of experiences starting from snorkeling to scuba diving etc. This blog contains top Bahamas shore excursions

To enjoy Bahamas’ book tickets with Norwegian Cruise Lines and get an experience like never before. Cruising is an experience of a lifetime so doesn’t miss out on the opportunity as the tickets are not too costly.

To get the feel of the cruise in the best possible way goes for Norwegian Cruises. It is an ideal cruise for all your travel experiences. Following is the list of activities that one can do in the ports of Bahamas.



Go for ATV adventure

 In Nassau ATV rides are popular and one can visit the cave a network of large limestone. Further, you can visit the Clifton Heritage National Park where the trail leads to the beach.

 Food and Cultural Tour

  The staple food of The Bahamas is Conch but there are various other delicacies like lobster, fish, Johnnycakes, etc. In order to get an authentic feel of the island, one must go for food and cultural tour. The shore excursion in The Bahamas takes passengers to family-owned restaurants.


Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

  Bahama island water is a beautiful place consisting of coral reef and marine life. It is an iconic place of snorkel and dive sites that is accessible with the boat ride. While doing this activity you can enjoy the view from the surface.


Lucayan National Park

 For a balance of relaxation and adventure don’t look beyond Lucayan National park. The shore excursion of Bahamas to this park includes kayaking, boardwalk, and relaxation on the beach.

For a relaxed experience in Bahamas visit Norwegian Cruise ships and gain information regarding offers as well as discounts on cruise tickets and other amenities. So, without wasting time grab the opportunity now.

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