What to Do In Maui on Norwegian Cruises

Maui is an artistic island in Maui country in Hawaii by the Central Pacific, and it is a popular holiday destination. Each year, thousands of people from every corner of the world flock in for vacations. And to the great delight of travelers, Norwegian Cruise Ship diligently sails holidaymakers to this exotic region.

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Below is a list of things cruisers should do when in Maui:

1. Whale Watching:

When in Maui, whale watching is something you cannot miss! The gigantic ocean of Maui is home to massive whales, and watching them move around the sea will leave you in awe.

2. Iao Valley & Maui Tropical Plantation:


If you want to witness Maui’s most beautiful natural beauty and locations, the Iao Valley & Maui Tropical Plantation are your haven. Drive to these sites and enjoy the wondrous natural sights!

3. Maui Ocean Center:

The Maui Ocean Center is one of the region’s most popular attractions, situated by the Ma’alaea Bay. This massive park accommodates thousands of colorful marine life and is worth visiting.

4. Maui Snorkel Cruise:

The sea of Maui serves as a perfect spot for snorkel, and it is a favorite activity of vacationers while in the area. The scenic islands off Maui and Lanai are the ideal locations and watch out for the mouthwatering buffet lunch later.

5. Outdoor Adventure Activities:

Maui also offers visitors plenty of outdoor adventure activities, and its spectacular landscapes add more drama to the already beauteous region. Some of such activities include submarine dive, helicopter tours, and hiking the breathtaking trails.

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